The Secret

How a Pawnshop works?
Well it’s fairly simple. We loan cash on items of value, such as, Automobiles, Motor Cycles, Boats, Jewelry, Guns, Tools, Video Games and Electronics. The item is the collateral for the loan, there’s no credit check necessary! The loan is for ninety days. If more time is needed, the loan customer can simply pay as little as one month’s interest and storage fee to extend the loan.
“Only Smart Shoppers Know the Secret of Saving $ by buying at a Pawnshop”
Do you know that most Jeweler’s buy Diamonds from us?
What is the difference between a New Diamond & a Used Diamond?
“There is no such thing as a used Diamond”
What happens when you trade in your Diamond at the Jewelry store?
They sell the same Diamond at a mark up of 1000 times!! Did you ever realize why a Jewelry store will not give you money for the Diamond but always willing to trade in? Because they don’t want you know that they pay so little for a Diamond and sell it for thousands more. Hmmm…..
We also buy individual items and estates.
When people shop in pawnshops they can buy the merchandise we acquire through outright purchases or by loan defaults, at below wholesale prices.


So, if your shopping for a great deal, have some items or an estate you’d like to sell, or find yourself in a crunch for cash and need a short term loan, let us know!!